Text písně Murder

[ Intro ] [ Bizarre ]

Detroit, Motown
Hey, guess what
They gave us a soup bowl this year an you know what happened

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

Robbin, shootin', killin', murder (Murder, murdeeeerrrr)
Robbin, shootin', killin', murder (Murder, murdeeeerrrr)

[ Verse 1 ] [ Bizarre ]

Hennyed up, remmyed up, ski mask, black truck
Dickie outfit, passenger side (Mr Grip Pump), fuck it I just did 2 lines
A chrome tech nine, it'll tear out niggas spine
It's a party, go on in an have fun, cause after it's over all you goin' hear is (gunshots)
Shootin', blassin', hittin' the floor, $10,000 in the safe, shit I


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