Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)

Text písně Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)

"Maybe, just maybe 
Naughty girls need love too." 

I've been told time and time again 
That you can't treat love like a game 
But I play rough with hearts that never mend 
'Cause some guys like you do the same 
Love was just a four letter word 
Never heard how absurd it could be 
But now I can't believe this is real 
How I feel now you steal 
My heart away from me 

Used to be so good and so bad 
Sex was something I just had
Used to always know what to do 
Now you've got me confused 

Baby don't let me be misunderstood 
Temporary love's so bad but if feels so good 
Then along came you 
Now I know its true 
Naughty girls need love too 
Then came you, then came you 

Yes, it's true 
I'm in love with you 
And believe it baby this time 
Your love won't get away 
Stay here in the place to be 
We can get busy my way 
For six forevers and a day-ay-ay 
Ooh it's only you I adore 
So much more than my body 
Was asking for 
Yes your love is breaking my chill 
Even still there's a thrill 
In my heart. 

"Samantha Fox was such a wild dame 
Huh but what's in a name 
(S-S-Samantha, S-S-Samantha) 
No more fun and games of the mind 
Let's get busy one more time."


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