No One In The World

Text písně No One In The World

(Music: Ken Hirsch, Words: Marti Sharron)

I look back on all those good times
We once shared and I must have been blind
Just to think I'd find someone new
One who'd love me better than you

Well, it may come as a surprise
Loneliness has opened my eyes
I tried every love I could find
Still I can't get you out of my mind

Cause there's no one in the world to hold me

No one in the world's gonna move me
No one in the world can love me like you do, baby

Everytime I'm with someone I'm
Loving you yet, and want to run
Slowly, love me
All is forsaken, I love the love we're making
Cause it's truly lovely
I'll never leave you, you'll know I need you baby



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