Text písně Numb

Written by P!nk & D. Austin
Published by P!nk Publishing Designee/EMI-April Music, Inc. (ASCAP)/Cyptron Music/EMI-Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI)

No sleep, no sex, for you from your x-girlfriend
I was too deep can't let you call me just jump in
At times I would push my feelings aside to let you feel
I'm novocaine I'm numb and nothing's real

Like the coldest winter
I am frozen from you
I was weak before now you've made me
So numb I don't feel much for you anymore
I gave you my all my baby
I'm numb, numb, numb

But the tears were silent inside you see

I laid there quiet
And watched you have your way with me
I might have cried
But the tears were silent inside you see
You called me names
Made me feel like I was dumb
I didn't feel a thing
And now I'm gone, gone, gone

Like a battered child
I got used to your pain but you know it's 'cause


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