Nursery Rhyme Of Innocence And Experience

Text písně Nursery Rhyme Of Innocence And Experience

I had a silver penny 
And an apricot tree 
And I said to the sailor 
On the white quay 

Sailor O sailor 
Will you bring me 
If I give you my penny 
And my apricot tree 

... fez from Algeria 
An Arab drum to beat 
A little gilt sword 
And a parakeet?

And he smiled and he kissed me 
As strong as death 
And I saw his red tongue 
And I felt his sweet breath 

You may keep your penny 
And your apricot tree 
And I'll bring your presents 
Back from sea.

O the ship dipped down 
On the rim of the sky 
And I waited while three 
Long summers went by 

Then one steel morning 
On the white quay 
I saw a grey ship 
Come in from sea 

Slowly she came 
Across the bay 
For her flashing rigging 
Was shot away 

All round her wake 
The seabirds cried 
And flew in and out 
Of the hole in her side 

Slowly she came 
In the path of the sun 
And I heard the sound 
Of a distant gun 

And a stranger came running 
Up to me 
From the deck of the ship 
And he said, said he 

O are you the boy 
Who would wait on the quay 
With the silver penny 
And the apricot tree? 

I've a plum-coloured fez 
And a drum for thee 
And a sword and a parakeet 
From over the sea.

O where is the sailor 
With bold red hair? 
And what is that volley 
On the bright air? 

O where are the other 
Girls and boys? 
And why have you brought me 
Children's toys?


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