Owen Down

Text písně Owen Down

Baby I would smash your pretty face just to make you feel =>wanted<= and 
Take your body along my throat to show how much I care 
Guitar on my bed where your body’s supposed to be 
If I could turn you inside out and swallow you down 

Down, down, down, down down 
Down down down down down 

Baby I would carve your name in my arm 
Cut my skin to let you under 
And if you promise not to leave 
I might let you outside 

She is all around me now 
If I could turn her inside out 
And swallow her down 

Down, down, down, down, down 
Throw me a line 
You know I’m bound to drown 

And do you need me tonight 
You know you’ve seen me around 
We go down, down, down, down, down


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