Text písně PMS

I wanna talk to the ladies tonight
About a situation I´m pretty sure y'all will be able to relate to, trust me.

Today I´m not feeling pretty
See I´m feeling quite ugly
I'm having one of those days when I can´t make up my mind
So don´t even look at me
See I don't wanna hear your problems
'Cause I´m having some of my own
I know it's not your fault that I´m feeling down
I just wanna be left alone

I'm down and now in depression (way down)
I think the worst of everything
My lower back is aching
And my clothes don't fit
Now ain't that a bitch
Got an attitude and I ain't talking to you
Only if the shoe fits

I don´t care what you think about me
I don't need you crawling around me
Don´t need your sympathy
I don't need it

Going through something in nights, some in the day
You don´t need to understand where I´m coming from tonight
See I´m pms-ing
Ladies told you, you would be able to relate tonight
Lower back is aching
And I don´t know what I´m gonna do next
Yeah I´m full of stress
Want y'all to hear what I´m saying
Want ya to hear what I´m saying
Pms, pms, pms (pms)

Y'all can understand what I´m saying tonight
Understand where I´m coming from
Feeling really bitchy,
And I don't feel like being nice to nobody
Don't feel like smiling, no no
See I already know that I´m talking about pms
And I don't need you to remind me
See 'cause pms is taking over right now
If you understand where I´m coming from, sing along - pms
This is the worst part of everything
The worst part of being a woman is pms
Give me a break, give me a break
'Cause I don't wanna have to set it on tonight
Wait wait wait,
'Cause I´m pms-ing


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