Polar Bear


Text písně Polar Bear

In the bright shop window sits the polar bear 
Makes the children's eyes light up to see him there 
Amongst the tinsel he gives everyone a smile 
To see him as you'd see a star 
Love him from where you are 
He's not for, not for, not for sale 
Past an open window walks the pretty girl 
Does she see me at her feet it's hard to tell 
But if I ask her she might turn her smile away 
To see her as I'd see a star 
Love her from where you are 
She's not for, not for, not for sale 
I guess I'll learn to look 
Without a grasping hand 
Minor contentment wears a smile 
I love her from where I lie 
He's not for,not for,not for sale 
Not for sale


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