Postcard from Paris

Text písně Postcard from Paris

Dear friend of my mine 
 The Weather's fine 
 Today I saw some ruins of the Roman world's decline 
 And I climbed all those Spanish steps 
 You've heard of them no doubt 
 But Rome has lost its glory, I don't know what its about. 
 I wish you were here 
 When the shadows fall and all the rushing traffic's still 
 I wish you were here 
 When the bells are ringing on the seven hills 
 I make my way to a small cafe, I wonder what you did today 

 Dear one at home. 
 I just flew in from Rome, 
 Paris is a postcard all decked out in colour chrome 
 And so I climbed the Eiffel Tower 
 And prayed at Notre Dame 
 But I just can't find the romance 
 And I wonder why I came 
 Wish you were here 
 On the Champs Elysees lovers walk hand in hand 
 Wish you were here 
 They take one look at me and seem to understand 
 This city of light is a lovely site, the first bright star I see tonight 
 Wish you were here 

 Now I write this from the plane 
 drinking cheap champagne 
 and wondering why two people got so far apart 
 Wish you were here, here in London where the rain the pouring down 
 Wish you were here 
 On this airplane headed back to New York Town 
 I'll never leave you alone again. I'm coming home but until then 
 Wish you were here 
 I wish you were here 
 Wish you were here.


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