Text písně Power is boring

believe me, if i were dicator you know what i'd do?!?!? come to think of it, there's a problem there for aspiring tyrants like me and you... ever wonder what it'd really be like to be your own dicator might be its own kind of prison of total fear can't make love or go anywhere without bodyguards in your hair never know which trusted friend has plans to blow you away 3,000 pairs of shoes no one to talk to 'nuff guns to kill everyone you own the masses act so loyal yet you can't sleep in the same place twice i wouldn't want to be a noriega or khadafi would you? chorus: power is boring power is boring power is boring and ya know, i wonder how the downtown crowd can stand themselves look sharp play to win through intimidation that person at the next desk ain't your friend he's your competitor the only way to get promoted first is to get him first or else hi ho whadya know they all got the same plan for you where do these people go between their daily meals of work too burnt and stressed to even think of how to spend the money no one to show it to but people just like me-agh! chorus: hot damn, we're the headliners at last gonna show this scene a thing or two play games and help our friends now the phone rings all the time it's all you fault "you've been crowned king of what you used to warn us about" why play that game at all? the ones who want the power that bad are missing something in their lives being scared of my friends in ajunta, scene or business world is the most miserable existance i could think of on earth