Power Of The Sun

Text písně Power Of The Sun

Is this a citadel 
is this a prison cell 
Who sits at my right hand now 
Who's watching me now 
Who's made us live this way 
When do i get my say 
Automation turns us into 
Human beings now 
Tripping over faces 
Humanity has fallen 
Huddled into doorways 
Hnd the streets at dawn 

The power of the sun 
Keeps us moving on 
Spinning ever faster 
The city never sleeps 
The echoes of the footfalls 
Already in the past 

Every dawn arrives 
The gathering of the tribes 
Shattered waves of people 
Breaking over city walls 
Never out of touch 
But always on your own 
Trapped inside the logic 
Of your own communication zone 

What deals have been made 
Who's under the gun 
Stay one step ahead 
Of the next in line 


The cameras never lie 
The ghost of you and i 
Already in the past 
Inside our own picture frame 
We'll vanish once again 
Now the dawn is coming fast