Public Service Announcement 2000

Text písně Public Service Announcement 2000

(Same announcer as the first Public Service Announcement on the Slim Shady LP):
This is another public service announcement brought to you in part by Slim Shady.
Eminem (whispered): Tell em i don't give a fuck
Announcer: Slim Shady does not give a fuck...what you think!
Eminem: Tell em to suck it
Announcer: If you don't like it, you can suck his fucking cock!
Eminem: Tell em they kissed my ass
Announcer: Little did you know, upon purchasing this album, you have just kissed his ass!
Eminem: Tell em i'm fed up
Announcer: Slim Shady is fed up with your shit...and he's going to kill you!
Eminem: Yeah
Announcer: Uh...anything else?
Eminem: Yeah...Sue me


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