Text písně Pump Ya Brakes

[Snoop Dogg]
Big Will 
Hey little homie you need to (pump ya brakes) 
Real talk 
We came to have a good time 
We ain't got all the time for all that, homey look (pump ya brakes) 
Now slide right and just (pump ya brakes) 
We'll holla at you in a minute, but wait (pump ya brakes) 

All this excess stress, I can't take it 
Slow that thing down, pump ya brakes kid 
Why you gotta be all up in the face, kid 
The abs will get you numbers and a name, kid 
I mean really houndin' on girl is that really necessary 
See your itinerary is all off, you need to be hauled off 
She start flippin', she ain't trippin', it's your loss 
This a simple case of an anti-break pumper 
You don't have to talk to me, bumper to bumper 
That mighta got you a couple of numbers when you were younger 
But dude, switch your whole approach, that ain't proper 
Be a gentleman, try and be gentle, man 
The essence of stimulation mental man 
But if you actin' like ya just got out a kennel, man 
Put your foot on the pedal and pump 

If your girl in ya face and she out of place 
What you need to tell her is (pump ya brakes) 
Now if you out with your girls and they pressin' you hard 
What you need to tell em is (pump ya brakes) 
Now if you underage and you actin' all grown 
What you need to do is (pump ya brakes) 
If you offended by this record and you know it's you 
What you need to do is (pump ya brakes) 

Outside the restaurant, girl sees boy, girl likes boy 
Girl meets boy, boy doesn´t know that girl thinks he´s fly 
Boy´s a nice guy, so boy says `Hi´ 
Boy´s girlfriend returns from going to park 
She sees them together, this ignites a spark 
Boy´s girlfriend has a real loud bark 
Now this is where the pumpin´ of the brakes should start 
Girlfriend thinks that something´s going on 
Girl tells girlfriend, nothing's going on 
Boy´s in the middle of the commotion beginning 
Girlfriend´s mad cause boy keeps grinning 
Now, why is he grinning, but that´s beside the point 
Girlfriend should chill before they roll up in the joint 
Jumping to conclusions gets you nowhere, honey 
Pump ya brakes or be a crash test dummy 


Rule #1, is just like #2
The who do´s and what not's and what you should dizz-oo 
No loud talking, no back talking
If you do either, believe it, you´re back walking 
I hate to sound rude but then again, I have to 
My rap thang and my mack game
It´ll smack you , click clack you, spit at you 
I don´t do it cause I want to, I do it cause I got to 
I got a question to ask you
Would you fall, stand tall, ball, or let em smash you 
If I was you and you was I, would you keep it G or would you stay fly 
If you was rich in a ditch, living low, would you push the button
Keep it cuttin´ or would you just let it go 
Calm down little homey and know what your dealing with before you run up on me