Text písně Quicksand

[Verse 1]:
Define her abyss
Show it respect
Then a celestial nest
Will grow above

When I'm broken, I am whole
And when I'm whole, I'm broken

Our mother's philosophy
It feels like quicksand
And if she sinks
I'm going down with her

[Verse 2]:
Locate her black lake
The steam from this pit
Will form a cloud
For her to live on

When she's broken, she is whole
And when she's whole, she's broken


[Verse 3]
Hackle this darkness
Up to the light
Where choreographed oxygen
Embroiders the air

When we're broken we are whole
And when we're whole we're broken

We are the siblings of the sun
Let's step into this beam
Every time you give up
You take away our future
And my continuity and my daughter's

And her daughters
And her daughters


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