Text písně Remain

I'm crowded when I'm gone 
I live here to seep thru this song 
Hey la 
I can't go on 
I'm lost 
I'll be there running on & off 
Hey la 
And when you reach that point 
You're a wall 
And when you bleed sight 
You receive a call 
Oh please take us 
We're wrong 
We live now to relive on & on 
Place my paces 
Pave my way 
We only remain 
The same way as the sounds on a tape 
And when you draw a line 
It goes where you want 
And when shadows step ahead of you 
They start and stop 
With these riches we walk & walk 
We give to this time all that we got 
We play it this way cuz this is how we feel 
It means so much to me when the pretend becomes real


Diskografie John Frusciante – John Frusciante