Rock This Country


Text písně Rock This Country

I woke up this morning with a buzz rollin'
'round my brain
I havent been drinkin' but it feels pretty good
just the same
It must be contagious-looks like it's goin'
It's cool once you catch it-you can't keep your
fett on the ground

C'mon C'mon-lets get something started
C'mon C'mon-lets start something now

We're gonna rock this country
We're gonna rock this country
Every brown-eyed boy---every blue-eyed girl
Gotta really go psycho-give a whirl
We're gonna rock this country
Right out of this world
From Utah to texas, minnesota, misissippi too
Or Nevada, no matter where you live-this
buzz is for you



We're pluggin' in the power
Crakin' up the sound
It's comin your direction
It's headin to your town
We're kickin up dust
Blowin off steam
lets get nuts now
Everybody scream


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