Satisfied Feelin'


Text písně Satisfied Feelin'

People are wondering about the change that's come over me
Because a smile upon my face is something rare for them to see
But how can I tell someone else what I don't understand myself?
It's like heaven into the sunshine out of the glow, & oh baby
It's just a satisfied feeling, oh yeah, down in my soul
Imagine something so strong
That keeps the world from doing you wrong
It gives you power, it gives you drums
And there ain't nothing you can't overcome
Like a puzzle when the pieces fit
I know that this is it
It's like watching a brand new day begin to glow, & oh baby
It's a satisfied feeling set down in my soul
And I don't know what it is about you
But I can't stand the thought of ever being without you
So I'm going to love you & never let you out of my sight
Because the way you make me feel has got to be right
Baby, you know it's like a flame burning within
And I know people can see it from afar
Oh it gives you a special something
That makes you wonder who you are
If we had words, we could tell it all
The joys big and small
But I'm afraid the love we got can never be told
Oh baby, it's just a satisfied feeling down in my soul


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