Save The Dance

Text písně Save The Dance

I met you on a side, an accidental hi 
And I missed you, before I met you 
Your lips I want to taste, it's not the time and place 
And it can't be, I'm sorry 

It's like we've talked a thousand times 
And made love with our eyes 

But tonight is not the night 
I'm with somebody else, and I can't lie 
With me and you, it's never goodbye 
Save the dance for another life 

I'm guilty in my mind, cause I can't close my eyes 
My spirit can hear it 
So let the music play, the changes I can't make 
to heal you, conceal you 
It's like we've walked a thousand miles 
To make love with our eyes 


Without you... 
Wish that I could tell you that tomorrow is all about you 
But it's the time to meet you in another life 

(Chorus 2x)


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