Text písně Second Nature

It's so typical 
I'm always amazed 
When it comes to You 
Feels so natural 
To be blown away 
When I stop and think of 
How your love is etched upon my heart 
And how no matter 
If I laugh, If I hope 
If I dream You're a part of me 

Wanting You, needing You 
Loving You comes to me 
It comes like Second Nature like 
Breathing in, breathing out 
Something I don't think about 
It comes like Second Nature 
Second Nature 

Like an instinct 
That I can't control 
I always turn to You 
It's a spiritual thing 
A thirst in my soul 
That makes me run 
Into your arms and to the place 
Our hears collide where everything comes clear 
And I see, from the start 
This is how love was meant to be 

It's so obvious 
I was born for this 
Born for a love like this 
And I know for sure 
I've been captured 
There's no escaping this...


Joy Williams

38 let, zpěvačka, skladatelka

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