Song Of Wyoming


Text písně Song Of Wyoming

I´m weary and tired, I´ve done my days ridin´ 
Nighttime is rollin´ my way 
The sky´s all on fire, the light´s slowly fadin 
Peaceful and still in the day 
Out on the trail a night bird is callin´ 
Singin´ his wild melody 
Down in the canyon 
A cottonwood whispers the song of Wyoming for me 
I wandered around the town and the city 
Tried to figure the how and the why 
Stopped all my scheming 
I´m just drifting and dreaming 
Watching the river roll by 
Here comes that big old prairie moon risin´ 
Shinin down bright as can be 
Up on the hill there´s a coyote singin´ 
A song of Wyoming for me 
Now it´s whiskey and tobacco, and bitter black coffee 
A lonesome old dogie am I 
Wakin´ up on the range, Lord I feel like an angel 
I feel like I almost could fly 
Drift like a cloud out over the badlands 
Sing like a bird in the trees 
Wind in the sage, sounds like heaven singin´ 
The song of Wyoming to me 
The song of Wyoming for me


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