Soon It's Gonna Change


Text písně Soon It's Gonna Change

She's cruising down the avenue
The wind in her hair
Got money in her pockets
A sweet love affair
She won't change her mind
No, it's all made up
With the suitcase in her trunk
Just wanna go somewhere

Soon it's gonna change
For me

Been waiting for a long time
But her will was weak
Got put down by everyone
Or so to speak
But she haven't yet found her place
She don't know where it is
Hoping love will turn to her benefit

Soon it's gonna change
For me

Well, it is good that you have made it through
And in the end your wishes will come true
You've been waiting all your life for something new
And now you're on your way

So if you stumble and fall
If you get lost and lonely
If it gets hard to breathe
Know that... 

Soon it's gonna change
For me


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