Start With A Kiss (Interlude)

Text písně Start With A Kiss (Interlude)

It starts with a kiss 
Private clubs
Role playing 
Tickle me

I like to watch

Pinch me 
Tickle me
Worship me (worship me)

It beings with kissing (it starts with a kiss)

1. Kiss me (kiss me)
2. Seduce me (Seduce me)
3. Tease me
4. Worship me (worship me)
5. Tie me up, tie me down (tie me down)
6. Sixty nine (sixty nine)
7. Role play with me
8. In a chair, on the stairs (on the stairs)
9. Beg for it 
[Robin:] yeaaahhhh
10. Make me beg for it (make me beg for it) 
[Robin:] whooo

Tickle me
Tease me
Fondle me

I'll be the doctor you be the nurse
I can go second you can go first
Whatever's right for you, girl you just can't miss
No matter whatcha do as long as your with me 

It starts with a kiss


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