Tell Me Why (feat. Gölä)

Text písně Tell Me Why (feat. Gölä)

Tell me why, tell me why oh tell me why 
I am hurt so deep inside don't make me cry 
Tell me why, tell me why oh tell me why 
Live in love with you was just a lie

Verse 1:
Another night why do I believe
Live could be like before
You ran away said I have to leave 
And then you walked out that door

Verse 2:
Another day, I'm feeling alone
I don't know what do do
I can't believe our love has gone
You don't know what I've been through, yeah

Time will heal, I'm alive
Broken wings need to fly let me try
Time will heal, I will rise
And then I close my eyes

I'm lonley, hope you feel the same pain to
You walked out that door, the next rendevous 
For you, I was the name of the game
Insane, I feel like the man in the rain, 
The one to blame, the one without a name
Standing on the end of the road so ashamed
Naked, there's no way to your heart
I guess that's it, we're apart
I guess that's it, we're apart

Midpart Gölä:
Why am I here all alone 
and why do you let me shiver to the bone