Text písně Tell Yourself

I know what you tell yourself, you tell yourself. 
Look in the mirror, look in the mirror what does it show? 
I hear you counting
I know you're adding. adding up the score. 
I know, oh yes I know what you tell yourself, 
Tell yourself. 

Ever since Eden we're built for pleasing everyone knows
And ever since Adam cracked his ribs and let us go
I know, oh yes I know what you tell yourself
Tell yourself 

Who taught you how to lie so well
And to believe in each and every word you say? 
Who told you that nothing about you is alright
It's just no use, it's just no good you'll never be O.K.? 

Well I know, I know that wrong's been done to you
"It's such a tough world," that's what you say
Well I know, I know it's easier said than done
But that's enough girl, give it away, 
Give it, give it all away 

Tell yourself that you're not pretty
Look at you, you're beautiful. 
Tell yourself that no one sees
Plain Jane invisible me, just tell yourself 

Tell yourself you'll never be
Like the anorexic beauties in the magazines
Just a bargain basement Barbie Doll
No belle du jour, no femme fatale
Just tell yourself 

Tell yourself there's nothing worse
Than the pain inside and the way it hurts
But tell yourself it's nothing new
Cause everybody feels it too
They feel it too 

And there's just no getting 'round
The fact that you're thirteen right now


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