Tha King

Text písně Tha King

And in case you forgot, i'm tha king 
Ya, ya, ya, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, who im is nigga (T.I.P.) 
Atlanta's own king of the south *showty* <------shawty 
Ya, a-ya, ya, better keep my name out 'cha mouth, *showty*<-----shawty 
P.S.C. ...ay...ay 

I own, hail Atlanta's own 
owner of Atlantas throne 
if u didn't want no trouble, then u should have left the man alone 
its been seen, shown, did never did Atlanta's known 
the king, been the one representing off of Atlanta's own 
back when niggas was represting Atlanta wrong 
every *shoot* he got, he put the hoods of Atlanta on <---- shot 
big screen, then hit every trap he traveled off 
thats presses, from Texas to Alabama strong 
from down in Miami, up to louisiana homes 
from the Carolinas, Virgina, to David Banner's home 
i'm well connected, hata's best *a* mind ur manners homes <---- ta 
got a nigga play ta' 38, but ??? 
and it shine like they should have set the phantom on 
in it, see me riding, gettin' blown like a saxaphone 
*showty* split the shit, and take the ??? on <----- shawty 
if i'm not on ur tube, dude 
u must got ur channel wrong 

I'm tha king of the south (there is nothin' *flyer*) <---- flya 
Sucka MC's (outa call me sire) 
Ur songs ok (but i'm on fire) 
24 inches (on my rims and tires) 
I'm tha king of the south (there is nothin' *flyer*) <---- flya 
*Sukka* MC's (outa call me sire) <---- sucka 
If u was on top (I'll pass right by ya') 
I will not stop (and i won't retire) 

I came, I saw, I conquered 
with no big names, no fame, no celeberty sponsers 
just a game and a flow that was bonkers 
nigga front if ya' want, a dead niggas like a bitch in the bronx 
now u been told, so don't say i didn't warn ja 
ain't no better alarm ya', when u leakin' and the reapers apon ya' 
it don't matta', i'm creepin up on u 
say that i ain't tha king 
but u just sour, he ain't think of it on ja' 
all the hatin, theres no time to respond ta' 
pistol tryin to gaurd ja', up away to get these karrots ??? 
hey, my bought cha' record company called ya' 
in a slide of a mill, shout out from here, cuz they really didn't want cha' 
its safe to say that they ought to 
so it's time to move on, to real estate 
and get cake, sellin bigga' stake 
i'm king of the south, down for the 50 states 
i'ma spead out, and *i'll* eliminate who in the way <---- take it out 
i'm 24 today, give me till i'm 28 
i'll be ruler of all that i survay, and not just inner states 
T.I been just a win, but i ain't fina' break 
plus yall niggas fake, and i'll say it in ya niggas face 


I'm tha king [5x]


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