The Flying Dutchman Of The Interstate

Text písně The Flying Dutchman Of The Interstate

[Daved Hild sings]
I was born in Florida. Florida is in the eastern United States. It's kind of at the bottom of it. It's kind of at the end of it. It sort of looks like a gun. I don't know if that means anything. Anyway, Florida is not the same. It used to be a world full of lands. Now, it's a world full of worlds. Now, it's this Disney type of thing. It used to be gators and swamps and begging Seminole Indians. It used to be little but it had some attractions, and the attractions had these giant billboards and they'd tell you how many miles it was to get there and when you got there there used to be something really good like maybe some animals playing instruments. My favorite one had a chicken named Randy. He was playing a toy piano. My parents used to take to this hotel while we were there and we would eat in the restaurant and from that restaurant you could see a big view of the lake and in the middle of the lake was a monument with some kind of fountain. No one knew what the fountain was for or who it was dedicated to because while they were building the fountain one of the masons fell in the cement and he died. So I always thought it was a monument to a guy who was working on the monument. I never really figured all that out but it kind of messed me up for a long time. Anyway, while I was in Florida recently I was walking around and it just wasn't the same. There's all these Worlds. There's no more Lands. There's no more Fork Land. There's no more Gravy Land. There's no more Gator Land. There's no more Green Land. There's no more England. There's nothing. There's no more Lands. Now, they tell you "It's a Small World After All." It is not a small world. It used to be a small world before Disney came, before Exxon came, before they all came and took it all away from us and took that smallness and made it big. Because Big Is Good, right? Well, it ain't right. So, anyway, I was walking around Disney World. It was spring, summer, fall-- I don't know what season it was but I was walking around and I was thinking, you know I felt kind of like those pigs on an A-bomb test site in Nevada where they used to put sunglasses on them and wrapped them in foil. And I wondered what those pigs were thinking. Maybe they thought, "Maybe they're gonna feed us. Hey, I'm on vacation. Who knows?" And then suddenly, boom, they're vaporized. Late at night I drive around. And there's nothing on the radio late at night in Florida. Maybe there's nothing on the radio late at night here. But while I'm in there, driving along with the windows up and the air-conditioner blasting, I just wonder what it'd be like if Randy was on the radio. So I come up to a stop sign, and I see a car next to me and I roll down the window real fast and I yell out, "Play it, Randy!"

[David Thomas speaks]
I saw this guy in Green River
at a hardware store
paddling his hands in bins of nails
like he was playing at some keyboard
And he was looking for something in the distance
he was listening for something,
something intangible
You want to testify, you testify to that

[Bob Holman adds]
Whistle your bones, boy, whistle your bones


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