The Good Love

Text písně The Good Love

Have you heard of the good love
Do it and you better not tell, no no
I'd take a thousand trips for the givin' the good love

Woman says she love me
And that she don't understand
Gotta give all you got
To a good loving man
Let me feel you baby

Try to touch my soul, yeah
Got to give me the good love
Give my life and let it be, yeah
You're gonna lose yourself
Out the help of the good love
Baby, say you're groovin'
Come on and groove some with me

Understand your life
That's the way things must be
I don't want to wreck nobody's soul
I just want to rock and roll, yeah, yeah, yeah
Rock and roll, man
It's alright, man
Oh, oh, oh


Diskografie Johnny Winter – Johnny Winter