The last goodbye


Text písně The last goodbye

We can run away together
If that’s what you want 
We can hide away forever 
If that’s what you want 
So just close the door 
Let nobody else in 

Ah yeah 
Close the door 
We can live right here in 
Our bed 

Cos anything else 
Is wasted time 
You’re all that I wanted 
Out of my life 
Just let me grow old 
Here by your side
Until the end of time 
Till the last goodbye 

Let’s just live here in the moment 
Sharing something real 
Let’s not spend these hours talking 
Give me something I can feel 
Oh come 
Close to me 
Let no ray of light in between 
Close to me 
They don’t know 
Where I end and you begin 

Let’s shut the world out 
See a chance and let’s take it 
Seize on the moment 
And baby let’s make it out 
And we’ll work it out 
How to live in here and now