The Mention Of Your Name


Text písně The Mention Of Your Name

Time goes by and every single tear
It must have well run dry
And the lonely nights
Become a strange accepted way
And the years go past
Just like the old song says
The pain with time has healed, it couldn't last
But oh a friend like a fool
Mentions your name

Sunny days, drunken nights
You smile and say, it's alright
But oh the cold cold rain
At the mention of your name

Forgive me please
If I shrug my shoulders
When I put my friend at ease
As I get older
It's not that I don't feel colder than before
Oh I've become so good at hiding
What I feel without confiding
It's still the same, darling still the same
At the mention of your name


Diskografie Chris Rea – Chris Rea