The Rainbow Fades To Black

Text písně The Rainbow Fades To Black

Gather the light
blinded by their lies you'll see again
it's never the end
time to begin
find the power that is deep within
your heart of steel

Do you believe
they will share with you a pot of gold
it's just a control
they cannot rule
if you do not hunger for those things
that you don't need

They will tell us what we need to make us hunger for their lies
So we think we have to eat their shit and live without our pride
The words and pictures that define me as a man are in my mind
no one but me can give away the freedom that I've earned it's mine

Without pain
There can be no strength no way to grow
No way to own your own soul
Then the rainbow fades to black
and it's never coming back
the rainbow fades to black