The Shakedown (Skit)

Text písně The Shakedown (Skit)

Yo, yo, yo. Alright, alright.

Get the fuck over here.

Don't you know X yo?

Fuck you.

I know I know you from somewhere.

Get the fuck outta here with that X shit.

You got X on you, yo.

Give me this.

Yeah okay. You can have my jacket. You can have it. You can have my jacket.

Yo give me the watch motherfucker.

No yo don't take my watch from me that was a present to me yo.

Shut the fuck up.

Okay yo. Alright alright. You can have everything.

Give me the boots.

Alright you can have my boots. Let me take everyhing off.

Okay. What's my name? What's my name?

Okay. Don't you know you're proud of this shit?

I'm not fucking around.

Okay. Please, please.

And I fucked your bitch.



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