Text písně There U Go

there u go.....acting like a hoe.... 
{I dont know why I'll be fucking wit ch'u 

Was it the liqour 
that makes me act blind? 
the times I'm with her 
anonomous pictures 
of other niggas tryin to kiss her 
will i love her,or shall I dis her 
I'm sick of this scandalous shit I deal wit 
tryin to paint a perfect picture! 
My memoriez of jealousy no longer care free.... 
Cause so much bullshit your girlfriendz keep tellin me 
I'm on tour but now my bedroomz an open door 
so it got me thinking what am i tryin for? 
When I was young I was so very dumb 
Eager to please, a lil'Trick on a mission tryin 2 get'em a piece 
Me and my niggaz is Thug niggaz!, former known Drug Dealerz! 
We don't love bitchez!,and believe they don't love niggaz! 
I got'em playing my attraction 
But you became a distraction a threat to my paper stacking 
I thought you'd change, but now i know 
Can't turn a hoe into a house wife baby 
And there u go....... 

There u there u go, acting like a hoe 
There u there u go, acting like a hoe! 
there u there u go, acting like a hoe 
Acting like a hoe, acting like a hoe! 
See tha word on tha streetz you're a....hoe 
just a groupie on a world tour...hoe 
Now I find out for myself you're a...hoe 
Girl you need to check yourself..... 

These silly bitches got this game twisted 
so I don't claim'em, just bang'em... 
Papa raised a playa, so playa I'll play'em 
I got hoez, that got more hoez than me 
So how I look getting hooked like I ain't got G 
Truly, cutie, booty big! 
But that ain't enough 
And tha head make me beg, still that just ain't enough 
When I don't trust her, bitch be lying too much 
She be dying to fuck me, you be buying tha stuff.... 

(Young Noble) 
See old friend I know.. 
your whole M.O.'s preoccupied with mostly 
gettin' clown after clown town coast to coast see 
i been trying to stay away from sluts like you 
got me turned off completely by that shiesty shit that you do 
knew from jump you aim 
straight thru them spandex dont front just name 
spots on your body for me 2 touch while ya clutch this game 
i keep flowin' like h2o 
it aint nothin for me to say why you keep actin' like a hoe but there you go 


when i first met her i told her i was busy all the time 
now she call me flippin' like she miss me all the time 
how she gonna even trip she got a man at home 
you need to stop chasing dick, bitch and raise your son 
i'm like damn we can creep sometime 
and you know i'm on the road for like weeks at a time 
girl ya thirsty and stop callin' while i'm workin' 
ya hurting me all this bullshit is hurtin' me girl 
there you go 

(big syke) 
i blame it on ya momma she need to holla at you 
or should i blame it on your daddy for all the thinds that you do 
cuz there you go just like a hoe caught in the streets 
like giving your number out to every nigga you meet 
i'm tired of games you playin', so stop playin' 
you hear what i'm sayin' you only good for parlayin' 
i'm laying down the rules, its a game that you lose 
so the streets can have you baby cuz i stay on the move