Text písně Thug 4 Life

Thug for life nigga 
Can't you read the signs? 
ay fuck it man 

(Whatchu doin?) Mobbin' like a motherfucker stuck 
Can you put your middle finger out the window gettin' fucked off - liquor 
Get loaded can't control it 
Nigga pass me the blunt and let me roll it 
You get the bones act to the whole stack 
Thats fo sho black 
To be a mack and keep your dough fat 
And tell me what does it take to be a G? 
I started with a quarter ounce and bounced to a key 
You gotta watch your back stay strapped, be alert 
Started as a young muthafucka doin' dirt 
And now im in the rap game like the crack game 
I got enemies 
Can't pretend to see my friends are not my enemies 
And even thug muthafuckas wanna have fun 
Stuck it, buckin' my muthafuckin magnum 
What does it take to be a G? 
Silence is a must, violence is a plus 
Plus, shots at my adversaries 
Dem niggaz scary best it's time to be buried 
Cause ill be buckin' in a fuckin hurry 

[Chorus X3] 

Tell em' 
Thug for life 
High till' I die 
When em' stupid ass bitches ask why? 


Game? Thicker than most of these tricks 
I got my mind on makin' money, 
But you stuck on these fake bitches 
And jealous muthafuckas can't see 
That it's the fame that caught these stupid bitches, pass the pussy free 
So tell me why u sweatin' a muthafucka like me? 
A young nigga tryin' to a hustle up some G's 
You pussy ass playa hatin' hoes speakin' down on niggas 
Jumpin' around at the shows 
And your the first muthafucka to jump 
To the trunk when it's time for fun 
Little trick ass punk 
Thug muthafuckas don't die we get high and we multiply 
Give a holla to my niggas in the Bay 
I'm livin' in LA still clutchin' on my AK 

[Chorus X6] 

Tell em' 
Thug for life 
High till' I die 
When em' stupid ass bitches ask why? 


Yeah nigga, thug life, from now till' the muthafuckin' ever 
Havenotz in this muthafucka 
YEAH, No doubt


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