Text písně Told You So

Grand Hustle Pimp.. 
Hey, whats happenin shorty 
Me being a true player and all 
I mean you know as a stand up guy you know 
I really hate to say I told you so 
But, man I told you so 
Back when we said we were goin to run this shit man 
When we said Pimp Squad Click, Grand Hustle was the business 
When we said their was a whole nother side of Atlanta 
A nother bunch of motherfuckers in the trap, y'all didnt know 

Man, I told you so 
They thought a pimp wasn't s'posed to blow 
Because I was rappin about moving o's and blow 
Pimp I told you so 
They thought that Outkast closed the door 
And Ludacris came in and sold his 4? 
Man, I told you so 
The Mac, C-Rod, Kuntry and Dro 
And AK had the coldest flow 
Nigga, I told you so 
I said the future was right up under your nose 
You thought the south wouldn't explode no more 
Remember, I told you so 

Way back when Kriss-Kross was hollering "Jump" on ya tube 
They was still gettin jumped at school, we used to tote them tools 
Don't get me wrong I'll give respect to them dudes 
But approach us wrong, and we'll smoke them fools, ain't no joke it's the truth 
Fuck a hater, let 'em do what it do 
I'm busy now, but I'll be through in a few 
And then I'm coming for you 
So keep shit talking like it's something to do 
I'll spend a 100 grand get a killer something to do 
I been hustlin since 92' when I heard UGK 
Hollering "Pocket Full of Stones" I was on my way 
Had a history in the yay, before I started to trap 
13, let me take you back farther than that 
When my uncles was baggin blocks, used to count the stacks 
I was only 8, and my grand-daddy can vouch for that 
And my pops had alot of work, alot of folk he got 'em work 
And ran numbers, said if he ain't wanna, he ain't gotta work 
Why I sold rocks, I guess I got from pops 
My uncles ? man ? a chip off the old block 
The nigga you hear now the same one from off the old block 
Who used to stand on Front St. and get off the old block 


I remember the P$C, Killer Mike, David Banner and me and YoungBloodz 
Ran through Atlanta with heat, when even Atlanta was sleep 
Nigga, back before you heard of me 
I was middle man into serving keys when KC was serving 3 
I'm on top because I deserved to be 
So simmer down, calm your nerves at least 
Speak your words with peace 
Before you lay out on the curb deceased 
Think about it, it's absurd to beef 
I took my songs to street 
He told me dopeboy was the bomb in the street 
Since then, my name rang like alarms in the street 
Who knew how long it would be 
If only LA knew how wrong he could be 
I told you ain't nobody stronger than me 


This southern rap shit of the day is something I helped design 
Puerto Rico of the mix show I'll let you know who the next in line 
the Snowman, Paul Wall, the Thug ? 
Alot of other niggaz shouldn't of even been signed 
Thats a opinion of mine 
Because these niggaz be neglecting the grind 
Ain't waiting on nobody to let me shine, I'ma go get me mine 
And then they wonder why they checks behind 
Cuz TIP was 20k? back in the day, need me to press rewind 
What be on these niggaz mind, man don't get me to lyin 
I seen ya kind, dopeboy, and that ain't even ya kind 
Ain't never sold a gram of crack, and ain't no need of ya tryin 
Back in the trap, pimp I don't see him survivin 



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