Text písně Wake Up


uh uh 

Verse 1: 

Give it to me now 

Well, why do i keep pulling out the roots in my hair? 
Im picking at my face, its obvious theres nothing there 
What do keep at the edge of my skin? 
It feels so good to have a taste of what im crawling in. 
I got to go, i got to leave 
The waves are changed today I'm pulling me 
even though i go with hip-hop, today, its taking to your next game* 

Wake up, wake up 
Wake up, wake up 
Cuz I'll be leaving you today now 
Shake up, shake up, dont breakup breakup 
Take your lips off mine* 
Who could see these words are swinging? 
Wake Up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, 

Verse 2: 
What did you keep comming out 2 sides of your mouth? 
You did'nt think i had hit my people on how your selling out 
What did you think making your decision im dumb* 
Manipulative, Calculative, and a pet, you thought 
i didn't know i couldnt see, 
The spade and plain plan for using me* 
like the picture you counterfiet its time to say good-night,* 
its not a reason to say Good-bye, good-bye, Buhbye 



The Cofee is brewing now... 
As for me pouring out 
Eyes open now I see, 
All that you take from me! 




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