Wanted, Dread Or Alive

Text písně Wanted, Dread Or Alive

Said I'm wanted, dread & alive 
By the evil forces 
Said I'm wanted, dread & alive 
Nowhere to hide 
They are trying to find me 

Babylon charge I for ganja 
Which I know couldn't do 
How could one man ganja 
Must be an ape from the zoo 

I've been accused for a shootin' 
Which I know never do 
Who 'dem in prison them willin'??? 
So I've got to pull my way through 

Yesterday was court day 
And I-Man forget to go 
Today my name is in my papers 
And next warrant they will show 

Now I've got to 
Judge two guns 
To protect myself from men 
'Cause I've never done nothin' wrong 
And I hate traveling scared 


Peter Tosh

42 let, zpěvák, kytarista, pianista

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