Text písně War With God

The time has come...for bad things to leave
The time has come...for right to begin
The time has come...for the war of the gods


It's that time
I'ma take the subtle approach first
Cause I'm just gettin started
Let's go

[1st Verse]
Look, I'm the best and there's nothing that you can do about it
Never needed a publicity stunt, let's tell the truth about it
Even in the core of the streets, you can't sway the youth about it
But keep runnin yo mouth, and I swear I'ma knock a tooth up out it

I never claimed to be nuthin but who the fuck I am
Never sold cocaine in my life, but I'm still the fuckin man
Understand, nuthin you did makes you better nigga
You claim the streets, but the streets respect that chedda nigga

Luda got twice as much yo life you can charge it to 'em
I fit four of your houses inside my daughters room
And still have room for young Karma to play
Givin back to the children of tommorrow, for good karma today

So you can say whatcha wanna say, and you can talk that talk
But real niggaz ain't doin no talkin cause we walk that walk
Album for album you can see I got a multimillion plan
So call yourself whatever you want cept the multimillion man

[2nd Verse]
How many times is you gon rap about busting your gun
How many times is you gon trap without busting your gun
Only shots you ever took were subliminal to the general
Disrespectin those doin real time with real criminals

And I ain't never did a day in my life
But it should be illegal to walk a day in my life
I paid the price and the cost to be the boss so you can rest your mouth
I'm universal, Luda never limits himself to the south

I give a damn about ya hootin and hollerin, and it ain't botherin ME
I hear you talkin but you ain't made it to THREE
You know where I live, but you ain't made it to ME

You ain't made nigga
I'm havin a house party, kid come get played nigga
You got played, my record label never jerked me
So shoot me, stab me, but words will never hurt me
I feed off your energy, my powers with God
So it's even better if you make ya diss record real hard...


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