Text písně Weird Cornfields

I said that I would miss you 
I said that I would not forget 
I said that I would miss you 
Yeah, I guess that I do 
One day is much like another 
Some days look the same 
well, this is my tragic ending 
I got what I wanted 

There's a township road that crosses a girder bridge outside of Meadville 
In the flats of French Creek corn is standing in harvested rows 
Dry & bonelike in the moonlight 
the corn is creaking 
It's like the sound of floorboards creaking in the dark 
It's like there's something that's trying to be said 
The harvest moon is rising 
pale & harvest-like in the sky 
It's like the end of the world tonight in paleness 
And something is nagging at me 

In the haunted house 
of a coupe de ville 
I was saying, 
How? How? How? 
This is how it ends 

And in this own nightmare of mine there's a cornfield 
that travels with me 
In the backseat, 
cross the paleness, 
It stretches to infinity 
It's like every damned thing that 
I have ever done wrong 
You are there 

In the haunted house 
of a coupe de ville 
How? How? How? 
And this is how it ends


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