When Love Calls Your Name

Text písně When Love Calls Your Name

You can cover your eyes
And hide behind walls you've built around you
You can run for your life
Anytime there's a chance of someone breaking through
But sooner or later it comes to us all
And even the strongest must fall
When love calls your name
there's no saying no
You follow your heart wherever it goes
To the ends of the earth
For the rest of your days
Whatever it takes yeah you'll find a way
Through fire and rain
When love calls your name
Now I see a light
And it keeps getting brighter and shows me the way
It's there in your eyes
Pulling me closer everyday
After all of this time the tables have turned
I guess I'm ready to learn
You do what you must
You take it on faith
You take it on trust
You're out of control
And all that you know
Your world's not the same
When love calls your name



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