Yesterme Yesteryou Yesterday

Text písně Yesterme Yesteryou Yesterday

Ooo what happened to 
The world we knew 
When we were dreaming, scheming 
While the time away 

Yesterme, yesteryou, yesterday 

Where did it go 
That yester glow 
When we could feel the 
Wheel of life turn our way 

Yesterme, yesteryou, yesterday 

I had a dream 
So did you 
Life was warm, love was true 
Two kids who followed all the rules 
Yester fools, and now it seems 
Those yester dreams 
Were just a cruel and foolish 
Game we used to play 

Yesterme, yesteryou, yesterday 

When I recall 
What we had, I feel lost 
Ooo I feel sad 
With nothing but 
The memory of yester love 

Yesterme yesteryou yesterday 
Yesteryou yesterday


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