You're The Ticket

Text písně You're The Ticket

I wanna be the one sittin' next to you

On your mama's front porch swing

Feels like the guy that gets the girl

On a forty-foot silver screen

I wanna steal a kiss when we stop

At the top of a great big ferris wheel

I wanna know how good that feels


I wanna be a red Corvette

Rolling down a two-lane road

With the top rolled back and no speed limit

I wanna be a midnight plane

Headin' down to key Biscayne

Livin' life and lovin' every minute

And you're the ticket

I wanna be the kid in a candy store

With a new twenty dollar bill

Wanna walk in the sand holdin' your hand

With nothin' but time to kill

Roll the dice when I need a seven

And know that I can't lose

Girl you make every dream come true



Repeat CHORUS  (2X)


Diskografie John Michael Montgomery – John Michael Montgomery