Alone Again

Text písně Alone Again

Alone again, alone again 
I'm in the twilight zone again 
Another lonely star crossed night 
Shivered to the bone again 

They never stay, they always leave 
I wear my heart upon my sleeve 
I won't say what I don't believe 
I turn another heart to stone again 

Alone again 
Can't stop the rain 
Alone again 
Put out the flame 

Betrayed again, unmade again 
Out of the sun, into the shade again 
The silent room, the unsung tune 
All the old games must be played again 

And all the words we could not say 
And all the nights and all the days 
We quarreled in the same old ways 
And all the same mistakes were made again 

Alone again 
Despair and Pain 
Alone again 
Can't break the chain 

Alone again, alone again 
To sit beside the silent phone again 
And all the words we spoke were knifes 
And so I'm here on my own again 

The days are dark and drowned in tears 
I know the game the rules are clear 
I walk alone through all my years 
I know you never will come home again 

Alone again 
Shot through the heart 
Alone again 
Tear me apart..


Diskografie Doro Pesch – Doro Pesch