Rip me apart Bonus track


Text písně Rip me apart Bonus track

I feel it in my blood
And I sense it in my soul
I feel it all around
Everywhere I go
I feel you touch me
When I'm dreaming
You're with me when I drown
You haunt me when I loose it
You spin my head around

Rip me apart
Take my soul
Take me anywhere you want to
Show me the love that I don't know
Take my heart
Beyond control
Take me anywhere you'd love to
Show me places I don't know
Rip me apart
Take my soul
Just take me with you

I can't breath
I can't speak
Not able to think
I can't even sleep
I'm filled with desire
I'm longing so deep
A desperate yearning
The loving we keep
I'm burning in your hands
Glowing like steel
Your hands on my body
Making me feel ...
I'm praying for shelter
I'm praying for god
It looks like I'm dying
But I know I'm not ...


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