Text písně Alright

Seeing that your love's true

Never I'll doubt you

My heart belongs to you

That's alright with me

Worlds could end around me

So in love that I can't see

You and me were meant to be

That's alright with me


Friends come and friends may go

My friend, you're real I know

True self you have shown

You're alright with me

Thru thick and thick to thin

I'll love you till the end

You know it's true my friend

You're alright with me

Catch a fallin' star that shines

Make a wish clap 3 times

Dreams come true it's in the mind

That's alright with me

Your wish is my command

Never thought I'd fall in love again

Again with my best friend

That's alright with me

Repeat Chorus

Always and everlasting

This love is just not passing

We're happy as can be

Alright with me


Diskografie Janet Jackson – Janet Jackson

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