Livin´ in a world (they didn´t make)

Text písně Livin´ in a world (they didn´t make)

Children are called the future of an adult world

They are born with spirits so innocent

'till we teach them how to hate

Add to the world's confusion

We teach our kids rules

That we don't adhere to ourselves

Right or wrong

What example can they take

The people we learn from

Forge the ideas we become


Living in a world they didn't make

Living in a world that's filled with hate

Living in a world where grown-ups break the rules

Living in a world they didn't make

Paying for a lot of adult mistakes

How much of this madness can they take

Our children

Children grow to become our young adults

Problems of the world

They must learn how to confront

Doing drugs and joining gangs to rebel

Colors show they belong

To the social override

'cause they're living in a space

They feel out of place

Repeat Chorus


Diskografie Janet Jackson – Janet Jackson

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