Brand New Me

Text písně Brand New Me

That morning sun was burnin' in my eyes
I could see a brand new day
And all the hurt and anger weighin' on my heart
Had begun to drift away
I saw it written on a church marquee as I drove into town
Said today's a new beginning friend
And I had to laugh out loud, 'cause there's no doubt

I'm a brand new me
I've been shattered by the storm but I survived
I'm a brand new me
I found a revelation in the tears I cried
I opened up my eyes
Oh, what a change I see
I'm a brand new me

There's a warrior and a victim living deep
Inside all of us
We have to choose to fight or surrender
When the world beats us up
I know where my weakness lies, but I know it's a fight that I can win
I may get broken trying to get up
But I can't wait to start again, I'm gonna start again


Days come and go, yeah they come and go like a road with no end
Hope fades but never dies
Just look at me catchin' my second wind


I'm a brand new me
I'm a brand new me
I'm a brand new me


Diskografie John Michael Montgomery – John Michael Montgomery