Text písně Even Then

My love for you has spread across
My every move, my every thought
Like a fire the wind has caught
As I begin
To give you all of who I am
Your every touch is my command
When once again it seems
I've loved you all I can

Even then my heart will pound
So loud the world will hear the sound
Of how I couldn't love you more
And even then
Each night will bring another day
Another chance for me to say
Your arms are all I'm living for and loving in
And even then the farthest star
Will find us anywhere we are
I will love you till the end
And even then

I won't know how to tell you this
But I will say with every kiss
No man has ever loved like this
Or will again
And when your auburn hair turns gray
And there are lines across your face
That map each moment and each place
Our love has been


Yes I will love you till the end
And even then


Diskografie John Michael Montgomery – John Michael Montgomery