Cruising for Bruising

Text písně Cruising for Bruising

(Basia Trzetrzelewska & Danny White)
Come to me and cry
I know, I know, I know it's not easy
Your heart is aching
But so is mine,
How can I tell you
For so long, so long, so long,
I've been thinking
Now I know
I can't live a lie
They say true love lasts forever
If we want it
There will be waiting
A second chance
Baby but now we need time
Time to learn
Time to understand
Where we went wrong
'Cause I feel so strong
We are cruising for bruising
My Baby
I must let you go
Don't stop, don't stop
'cause it's better now
When I still love you
Don't say goodbye
So bye for now, don't let it die
'cause we can try some other time


Basia Trzetrzelewska

66 let, zpěvačka, skladatelka, písničkářka

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