Do You Believe Me


Text písně Do You Believe Me

(Patrick Moten)

When I say to you that my love is true
Do you believe me?
And when I try to give my love to you
Do you receive me?
When I try to do my best and you put me to the test
Baby, do you deceive me?
So baby do what you gotta do and when you do
You're gonna need me

Don't confuse your mind with what the other people say
You wull see in time baby that my love is here to stay
They gonna try to come between us baby
We can't let them in our way
We have got a good thang going
Don't you let it slip away
Don't you let it slip away

"Believe in me"

Now I can deal with the problems that the world has put on me
But sometimes it just gets to hard and I just feel so weak
I really need you baby, baby to believe in me
'Cause the more you do the better I'll be
And I promise you I'll never leave
'Cause this is where I want to be



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