Text písně Will You Be Mine

(Patrick Moten/Carlos Turrentine)

Something has come over me
A feeling I can't explain
The love I lost I found again
My broken heart you came to mend
But it still seems as though we are miles and miles apart

The very best is all I got
It's all I got to give
My soul was lost in darkness
But you arrived to see me through
And you came to me all by surprise
Then I moved the dark ness right out of my eyes
And it's plain to see
That you were all I need
And I wanna know

Will you be mine?
Sugar will you be mine
Sugar will you be mine
Sugar will you be mine

This kind of love only comes around
Only once in a lifetime
But the last love I tried to hold
It left me feelin' so empty and blue
And it made me afraid to let my true feelings show

I need you here right by my side
Each and every night
My soul is cryin' out to you
It's reaching out for somethin' true
Do I have to go
To get you into my life
The suspense is tearing me, tearing me apart

Won't you bring your live
Bring it all to me
So we can live together eternally
Will you be mine?



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